Datatable Window

This guide explains all of the functions that a user can perform in the Datatable window.


Datatable windows are used when viewing tables from a database connection, covered in the Database Tutorial, or when opening arbitrary tab-delimited text tables, which can be done from the file menu.

Set As... Button

The Set As... button located at the top of the Datatable window is used to set the current table as one of the main 3 TopiaryExplorer tables, Tip metadata, OTU table or Sample data. It will completely replace anything that was previously loaded in the table selected to replace.


Filter... Button

The Filter button will filter the Datatable based on data that is already loaded into one of the main TopiaryExplorer tables.

For example, if you loaded in a table of microbe attributes with the first column corresponding to the microbe name, you could then filter the table down to only microbes found in a column of your Tip Data table. Pressing the filter button with the corresponding options set will result in an additional Datatable window.


Microbe Attribute Datatable


Filtered Datatable


The current filter functionality is built to work only with taxonomy string matches, case insensitive. It will only match to the last delimited term from the taxonomy string.

Merge... Button

The Merge button will append the current Datatable to one of the main 3 TopiaryExplorer tables, provided the first columns of both the current Datatable and the loaded Datatable have some intersection.


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