Tree Toolbar

This guide explains all of the functions that a user can perform on a tree using the tree toolbar.

The Tree Toolbar contains the following panels:


Summary Panel

The summary panel gives you an overview of the tree. It shows the number of leaves in the current tree as well as the percent of branches covered by different categories when the tree is colored. In this example, 54% of the lineages in the tree were found in individual M2, 43% in M3, 22% in M9 and 18% of the lineages were found in individuals not included in the metadata.



Lineages are likely found in more than one sample, so the percentages in the table will not add up to 100%.

Wedge Panel

The wedge panel is the last panel in the tree toolbar.

This panel is used to:

  • Adjust the height of wedges
  • Turn on/off wedge labels
  • Adjust the position of wedge labels
  • Change the wedge label font
  • Adjust the wedge label size
  • Change the wedge label color

Wedge height

The wedge height slider will adjust the height of all wedges. This function is especially useful in radial view where some wedges may overlap.

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