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TopiaryExplorer version 1.0 has been released! Download it here!

TopiaryExplorer v1.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Select color for unmapped nodes
  • Select no count color
  • Generate figures over metadata category
  • By-value coloring for numerics
  • Mouse scrolling works in tree view
  • Added distance from parent collapsing
  • Metadata corresponding to pruned nodes is removed from tables when project is saved
  • Export list of node names
  • Branch width by abundance


  • Refactored interpolate so it takes less time
  • Interpolate is now Apply Colors and colors are only changed when that button is clicked
  • TreeToolbar interface standardized
  • Updated user guide

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed radial view rendering bug
  • Radial wedge labeling fixes
  • Ladderize fix
  • Export radial, polar image labeling fixes
  • Bug fix for columns containing string and numeric values crash
  • Allow double type in otu tables
  • Save tree as newick string fix
  • Color by new column
  • Fixed issue where full consensus lineage isn't available in the tree right click menu

Topiary Explorer
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